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We have been providing customers for over 40 years with automated welding systems. Basic to complex automation weld equipment to meet the needs of a variety of applications. We help big or small companies with welding automation.

Working with high production welding requirement as Precision IA welding consultant. Proven knowledgeable welding solutions to help major rail tank car manufactures with seam tracking solutions for half pipe welding as one example. Proven weld solutions.

We work with many major manufactures directly for many years. We have worked closely with Made in the USA companies like MITUSA, Inc. to provide seam welders, weld manipulators and carriage side beam welders. The Webb Corp to offer you quality welding turning rolls for all applications.  MBC small weld positioners are Made In the USA for many years. Koike/Aronson Ransome Company is a full line complete welding positioning equipment and cutting machine source.

When it comes to automated welding solutions contact us. Give us opportunity to help you with advice on improving your weld quality and productivity. We can help you with everything from special turbine turning rolls to bench top welding positioners advice and for sale.

We can offers customers equipment advice from many different domestic manufactures across North America and the Made in the USA companies.

Our initial welding automation productivity consultation services are at no cost to you. You have nothing to lose by giving us a call for suggestions on improving a current welding application. We offer helpful knowledgeable suggestion on how to automated a welding project, or retrofit a current automated welding machine. If I can not provide a product idea to you, I will help you find a quality source for your challenging welding automation application. Non commissioned customer service support.

Call our east coast customer support location at 513.444.6965 8-5 EDT or our West coast location and talk to a skilled weld technician 8-5 PM PDT at 323.312.2002.

MITUSA Welding Seamer System
Made in the USA Seam Welders

Gantry Welding Planishers

Automatic Seam Welding - Weld Planisher Equipment Linear Seam Welder Products


For over 20 years MITUSA, Inc. has manufactured an extensive line of weld seamers. Internal weld seamers or external linear seam welding machines. Utilizing any weld process can be performed by these seam welders on flat, square, cone, bowed, or round work pieces. plasma, and other special seamers are also available. Welding seamer to meet nearly every requirement.  Our longitudinal seamers are standard or custom designs from 1 foot to 28 feet of longer cantilevered seamers. No one makes them more durable and ergonomic or more precise in seamer tolerance specs. Our company has built the most ergonomic designed seamers for all applications. Check out the linear rail sidebeam with smooth travel as well as the easy air bag bladder replacement tool.

The weld seamer has an optional cylinder part loader for several size ranges. A spacer is used to vary the diameter quickly and safely. The scissor lift unique company design aligns the end of the cylinder part underneath the seamer bed onto the mandrel. for easy manual or automated mandrel clamping.

External seam welder - MITUSA
Linear Welding Seamer System


Special options and features make our Internal welding seamers the leader in seam welding innovation with plate or combination seam welders. Arc blow on the seamer bed has been eliminated with our seamer bed design. Our heavy duty adjustable linear rail side beam  have replaced the old designs to eliminate teeter-totter concerns. The complete arc welding system is carried on the side beam travel tool reducing tangled long cables.

The equipment carriage tool is driven by a robust variable speed carriage. Our Made In the USA design allows our company the ability to build the seamers from the bed up to the finished seam welder system in our facility. Call Dennis for details on how an arc seam welders can improve production and provide you with price and delivery.

Weld Seamer Logo    
Seam Welding Specialists
Top of Page Weld Manipulator Products


Weld manipulators are ideal for circumferential or longitudinal welds on pipe or parts. Used for any length or diameter weldment you need. Easy shipping and assembly. 

Manipulators used for welding longitudinal and circumferential joints. Fabricating tank girth welding seams in circumferential rotation. Or the manipulator travels on transfer travel car for longitudinal welding of the vessel linear seam welds or use boom stroke.

Exceptionally quality weld manipulators are the most versatile of all positioning equipment. Control of arm boom variable speed stroke. Travel and torch positioning can be accomplished automatically or semi-automatically for varying degrees of weld automation. Matched with welding rotators to compete a sub arc column & boom for a tank welding system.

We can ingrate weld manipulator for full penetration automatic pipe welding system Using a welding positioner rotary tilting turntable or headstock positioner to rotate the pipe. Complete automated pipe welding single button system.. 

Our company engineers have created the easiest shipping weld manipulator set up sold in the USA. Our standard manipulators are durable precision manipulators for any weld head manipulator requirement. Motion control is programmed through our MAGA programmable sequence controls or use as a simple welding head director. Our company's column and boom are used for sub arc manipulators, GTAW system integration column & booms with other automated welding positioning equipment manufactures equipment.

precision iwelding manipulator
Ergonomic Welding Manipulator


Offering two styles of Manipulator Travel Cars. They include a manual push car and a series of variable speed travel cars. The manual car rides on an inverted angle "V" track. The powered cars ride on machined rail track. The weight and gauge width of the machined rail tracks vary depending on the load capacity required.

We can even mount a manipulator welding on our precision RTU linear transfer units. This will allow easy movement for longitudinal and circumferential locations on a tank or cylindrical part. Or maybe have two manipulators working together?

Top of Page Side Beam Welder Products


Variable Speed Sidebeam Welder Carriages are heavy duty linear rail travel carriages capable of supporting substantial loads at specified distances from the side beam carriage face plate. Variable travel speeds are standard on models SB-MC5 travel carriage handles up to 500 lbs. @ 12 inches C.G. (Center of Gravity).

Side Beam Carriages ride on linear rails replacing older designs of rack and pinion drive systems. The linear rail side beam design eliminates the weight deflection concerns over long lengths. Unlike the rack and pinion designs still in use by other manufactures.

Our side beam offers precision of 0.010 over a 22 ft length. Other lengths are offered to fit weldment application requirements. Placed over weld rotators for welding automation made simple.

Our side beam carriage is driven by a 24 VDC ¼ Hp carriage motor for precise welding..  Equipped with SB-MC5 control for Power On/Off Switch and Light, Auto / Manual Switch and Light, Forward / Off / Reverse Speed potentiometer, Rapid Push button, Socket for Auto Travel. They have weight capacities from 1000 lbs or more. 500 lbs at 12 inches center of gravity.

Our digital sequence welding controllers designed to work in concert with our welding system equipment. We can also integrate our linear carriage control with other manufacture welding rotators equipment controls. Options available are capable of facilitating a totally automated carriage side beam welding system.

Side Beam Seamer Bed
Ergo Welding Seamer Bed Fingers Back Up Bar

Top of Page Weld Sequence Controls  Products


The MAGA-1 and MAGA-2 Weld Sequence Controls. MAGA PLC based programmable welding sequence controller. The control allows operators to have easy ergonomic access to all control  functions at their finger tips.

Depending on model of the controls will allow complete control functions of the automated welding system. Our Ergo Seam Welders use the MAGA-1 control.

Our MAGA-2 welding system controllers stores your pre-programmed weld parameters and coordinates the entire welding sequence process with a single button. This powerful control will interface with your choice of welding power supplies. Programming and jogging functions are performed through a touch key pad

.The MAGA-1 and MAGA-2 can control complete automated welding system programs for weld travel speed, arc voltage control, power supply current,  arc cameras, seam trackers and wire feed speed. Our MAGA weld sequence control and welding system controllers are Made in the USA.

MAGA Weld Sequence Controls
Top of Page Custom Seam Welder Products


MITUSA, Inc. is a southern California company that will still design automatic seam welder engineering for your specific welding seams fabrication application. Our company unlike others will design and build the seamer with the automated seam welding system of your choice. Or use our powerful weld sequence controllers to meet your demanding seam welder requirement. This design was a customer who had a opportunity for us to build them a high production dual station seam welder to meet the demand with a ROI not expected. The customer was even shown new ways to seam weld other parts during the run off. Contact our company for the quality welding seamer engineering no longer offered by some companies from Southern California automation source.

MITUSA Inc. will engineer a seam welder to solve your most demanding linear welding seam requirements. We build seam welding machines in our facility in Huntington Park California facility. Let our company help you with the design of a customer or standard seam welder. Give us a call or drop us an email.

 Dual Station Seam Welder
Dual Station Seam Welder

dual station automated seam welder
Automatic Seam Welding Machines


Top of Page RTU Transfer Products


Linear Robot Precision Transport Units - RTU Precise Linear Movement for Robot Applications. Perfect for precise robotic material handling to 0.010 tolerance. The  Robot Transport Units (RTU) are ideal for all your robot transport handling requirements. Designed and built in the USA, the linear RTU can be utilized on your robot welding, material handling, painting or part positioning application. The linear transfer unit is the quickest RTU to assemble in North America. We have 12 planers in house, which makes us ideally suited to meet your requirements for length and on-time delivery. Our RTU transfer units are built in the USA for fast delivery of quality robot linear handling transfer unit applications. Call us for details!



Model #


Max Diameter

Wheel Face Width


3 Tons




3 Tons



WEB S122

6 Tons



WEB T18-16

10 Tons




10 Tons



Webb Corp builds welding rotators and plate bending rolls among other welding automation equipment. A well established company in the welding and metal forming industry.

The people at Webb are the best people to work with when it comes to special design custom welding rotators. I enjoy working with all the manufactures in welding positioning niche of the fixed welding automation field. The WEBB Corp is by far the best people  I have worked with on my 40 plus years of working with all type and kinds of manufactures.

Email us on how we can help you with custom engineered welding rotators. When is comes to custom turning roll welding rotators Webb is the best up to 200,000 Lbs. - 100 Ton / 90 Metric Tons. Jim and every one there are a customer first  company. Webb welding rotators are high quality USA built pipe, tank and vessel rotators.

T16-18 Webb Tank Rotators
Webb pipe welding rotator

S-122 Webb Turning Rolls
Webb Tank Welding Rotators

Webb Vessel RotatorsWebb vessel Rotators

Top of Page Weld Planisher Products


Our weld planisher line offers gantry roll planishers as well as longitudinal planisher designs. Planishing metal welds will improve the weld's strength and removing weld bead for cosmetic appearance of the part. Our company offers standard and custom design welding planishers for most every welding application. A weld planisher applications are complex hand held for aerospace applications to the basic two tub stainless kitchen sink seam welds. Weld Planishers are often used with our seam welding machines to provide customers with a 100% penetration weld that blends seamlessly with the main weldment.

Gantry Weld Planisher

Contact Dennis about how planishing your welds can save time and money over costly grinding and polishing of your welded parts. Let us help with the opportunity to improve your welding fabrication productivity  Custom welding seamer automation solutions.

Custom Gantry Roll Planisher
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